La Veranda Cafe



Served with homemade potatoes, toast, and fresh fruit
ANY WAY YOU LIKE IT    Two fresh eggs, cooked to your preference                               9

                                          Add smoked bacon, ham, or sausage                                      12

EGGS BENEDICT              Poached eggs, ham, hollandaise sauce                                   12

EGGS FLORENTINE         Poached eggs, English muffin, topped with                              12

                                                creamed spinach

JOE’ S SPECIAL                 Sautéed sausage, onions, spinach,                                         12

                                                Mushrooms, cheese; scrambled eggs

PANCAKE COMBO            Two pancakes & two eggs                                                        9

VERANDA OMELET          Spinach, onions, and mushrooms                                            12

ITALIAN OMELET              Sausage, onions, and cheese                                                  12

DENVER OMELET             Bell peppers, ham, mushrooms, and cheese                           12

HAM-CHEESE OMELET   Hickory smoked ham and cheese                                             12

OATMEAL                            Served with raisins and strawberries                                      6

INSALATA CESARE          with grilled chicken breast and garlic croutons                           11

SHRIMP LOUIE                   Served on a bed of greens with baby shrimp,                         13

                                                eggs, avocado and Louie dressing

*Served with sautéed vegetables and penne marinara

PENNE CON SCAMPI        Pasta with prawns; Lobster Bisque Sauce                               16

*CHICKEN PARMIGIANA  Chicken breast baked in marinara and cheese                         16

*VITELLA TRE FUNGHI    Tenderloins of Veal with three mushroom sauce                      17